“I was born and reared in Western National Parks where behind the front lines of tourist gatherings lays a world of wild and secluded life. I spent a great deal of my childhood hiking among the hidden glens where I would sit for hours watching the private life of ‘wild’ unfold before me. Whether I am portraying the elusive lynx, or the people that survived the hardships of the West long ago, I look for the brief moment of deep personal awareness. I want to share with the viewer the ability to move in unobserved… to sit beside the young pioneer girl as she reties the laces of her work-out boots; to smell the breath of a bull elk on a crisp fall morning in the high country; or to share the flight of an eagle on his way home to feed his young. Most people cannot return to the places of their youth as I can. National Parks don’t change. For those who are unable to get ‘behind the scenes,’ I would like to paint them for you.”

Lynne was born in Durango, Colorado, where her father worked as a park ranger in Mesa Verde National Park. The family moved to other national parks such as Shasta Lake National Recreation Area in California, Olympic National Park in Washington, Crater Lake National Park in Oregon and the Southwest Regional Office in Santa Fe, New Mexico. It was here that Lynne met and married Jim Jordan, who later become a ranger in the National Park Service. From Santa Fe the Jordans moved to Point Reyes National Seashore in California. And finally making their last move to Lake Mead National Recreation Area and settled down in Boulder City, Nevada, which they have called home for the past twenty-two years.

Lynne has studied art at the University of Oregon, New Mexico State University, and the Lesnick Art Studio in Las Vegas, Nevada. Lynne draws upon her memories of playing in the ruins of Mesa Verde, walking through the quiet rain forests of Olympic National Park, and living in the deserts of the Southwest to transport viewers of her art to the secret places and private moments of the American West.

Happy patrons from around the world continue to collect the captivating creations by Lynne. Lynne’s work is represented in dozens of galleries and she continues to keep up with the demand for her work. Her awards are too numerous to mention, but here are a few: Southwest Arts and Crafts Expo in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Southwest Rendezvous in Parker, Arizona, The Black Canyon Juried Art Show in Boulder City, Nevada and the Mill Avenue Merchants’ Association in Tempe, Arizona. She has been the Featured Artist at Art In The Park in Boulder City, Nevada.

Lynne works in oils, watercolors and pastels. She has also mastered her state-of-the-art technique in woodburning on 3-dimentional driftwood that she calls pyrographic sculpture. This art form, originally called pyrography, began in Russia, moved into Germany, and on to America in the 1800s. Unlike other painters who just paint a picture, Lynne will dig deep into her subjective mind and then paint her creations with her flowing thoughts, thereby making a painting from within and not a mere picture.